Sequel 40 of 40

The Story

A girl and a boy. They are very talented. Both like to draw.

They do live in two different cities and two different countries.

They dont know each other yet. Later they will meet in a big city in Germany.

And fall in love with each other. But there will be not much time left for them to be happy.

They will have to hide and they will be hunted. Until the end. In Auschwitz. Why?


1 August 1944

Inside the freight waggon. The train has been

rolling east since yesterday. We are cowering in

straw. Felix is beside me. The children are thirsty

and beg for water. There is no more water left.

Felix talks quietly with Mr Goldberg. A small,

delicate man – a watchmaker. He keeps glancing at

his tool case: “Watchmakers are needed everywhere.”

That’s his consolation.

But is there still time for us?


2 August 1944

We are sweaty and cramped – travelling for days.

Where will this horrific journey end? The smells

are revolting. The old people and the children are

suffering the most. Some of them are dead. We have

moved them to one side. Felka is being very brave.

The train is slowing down now. People are shouting

and yelling outside. They open the door. The light hurts

our eyes. I see dogs straining hard against their leashes.